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Index Stock Shots Launches New Look on the Web

10 April 2006

Index Stock Shots Launches New Look on the Web

Web reels carry HD ready material for review

Index Stock Shots has re-launched its website at with reels covering most of its specialised areas, from cityscapes and landscapes to aspects of commercial air travel, including activities at major airports and aerials.

The growth in requirements for High Definition clips the Index collection has come into its own. Shot full frame on Super 35mm film to cope with both conventional 4:3 and 16:9 formats, key material has been transferred to Digibeta and HD D5.

In addition to its modern collections, Index is for the first time offering archive footage on tape - air travel in the Fifties, for example shows activities at New York's Idlewild Airport and air-to-air shots from the piston engined era - on the other side of the Atlantic, London's Croydon Airport and associated air-to-air shots from 1936. The Croydon shots are an interesting comparison with today's footage from London's Heathrow Airport. In 1936, two men in a small room in the main airport building are seen handling aircraft movements. In the modern material, a jumbo jet is seen landing with Heathrow's brand-new 87-meter high iconic control tower as a backdrop.

In addition to Heathrow footage, modern airport scenes and activities show San Francisco, Los Angeles, John F. Kennedy and Las Vegas. The air-to-air reel includes a range of modern aircraft types, many shot at the magic twilight hour and most without airline identification.

Cityscape and landscape reels cover North America, the UK and continental Europe. Timelapse and scenics add to the mix, with specialised reels depicting snow in New York, rough seas, dust storms, iconic trains, mosques and more.

Index's website has previously carried individual clip galleries for previewing iconic shots - these remain available at the new-look site.

For more information contact:

Or Telephone Philip Hinds at +44 (0) 20-8754-9858