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TMR Launches Audio Restoration Department

8 March 2006

VTR Group facility expands its restoration capabilities beyond digital and film

TMR, part of the VTR Group, has expanded its successful film and video restoration department to encompass audio restoration. The facility will open its doors to the new suites at the end of this month.

The new installation comprises the Sadie series workstation with cedar restoration plug-ins and Cedar Retouch. Together these systems will allow TMR to satisfy clients’ audio restoration requirements to the level that TMR been fulfilling their picture requirements.

TMR’s Head of Audio, David Preece, will oversee the running of the suite, and will work in parallel to the picture restoration dept.

“The department is a fantastic extension to our existing restoration services," said David. "We’ve selected a sophisticated set of audio restoration tools capable of eliminating sounds such as severe hiss, a cough in the middle of a concert, or essentially any unwanted sound, without effecting the audio around it. We’ll be able to correct these flaws quickly and efficiently whilst our video restoration department works on the picture."

Alongside standard restoration services like, de-click, de-crackle and de-hiss, TMR will also offer the facilities to re-pitch, re-sync or correct the EQ on anything from an entire feature to a specific effect or word.

In addition to restoring audio TMR will use the new department to offer 5.1 surround mixes, compressing audio for broadcast, eq and level adjustment, re-sampling and pitch shifting between different frame rates in SD and HD.

“We’ve seen significant growth in our client base for digital and film restoration over the last year in particular,” said Wendy Saunders, Managing Director, TMR, “which has led to an increased demand for audio restoration from TMR, particularly from the archive companies and content owners that are our main clients, so this was the perfect next step. We’ve already seen strong interest in the new department and are looking forward to carrying our clients’ projects through it.”

Over the years TMR has established its HD and SD restoration department with a mix of optical and digital equipment, including the UK’s only traditional Film Treatment Centre. TMR utilises systems such as MTI Correct, Snell and Wilcox Archangel and Teranex Image Restore across film, broadcast and DVD projects including The Edge of the World, Wah Wah and Mitchell and Kenyon.

For further information, images or to arrange interviews please contact:

Katie de Cozar
PR Manager
VTR Group
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7437 0026

About TMR

Established in 1991, TMR has over 14 years’ experience of providing specialist restoration, digitisation, DVD authoring and telecine to the film, television, corporate and entertainment markets. It offers clients highly experienced operators with cutting edge technology.

Within TMR there are two key divisions. TMR Digital (formerly Clipstream) provides full DVD authoring and encoding facilities to media companies. It also reaches out into the wider corporate and blue chip market through its design, build and integration of customised digital asset management and website services.

TMR is the archive and restoration specialist, providing a full suite of optical and digital video and film restoration services at either SD or HD resolutions. It also includes London’s only traditional film treatment centre, as well as full feature film mastering and duplication facilities.

Clients include BFI, IWM, TWI, Pathé, Shed, HIT Entertainment, BBC Worldwide, BUFVC, British Movietone News, Getty Images and Walt Disney.

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