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Newsletter - Clips & Footage

1 March 2006

Thank You! To all the lovely people who recommend us to fellow researchers and producers - we will be rewarding you with a bottle of champagne for every successful referral. So don’t be shy! Contact Rob or Alison on

Rob Lloyd has been crazy enough to leave the sunshine of New Zealand and Anthea, his sweetheart, to join us as Research and Licensing Manager. His favourite film is Chinatown and he lists music, comics and Australian wine as his passions. Rob’s email address is should you wish to question his taste.

Bullitt - just one of our new production shorts.


What an interesting polarisation of talent in North One’s The World’s Greatest Actor (Channel 4, 12/3/06) with James Dean at 50th position and Brando coming in at number one. Great to see so many classic movie stars in the list, though.

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What is a production short? Production shorts are short films about the making of film and feature rehearsal scenes and filming scenes and even interviews with the film’s stars and director.

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