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Mirrorpix Presents - The Daily Mirror Newspaper Online from 1903 - Today

1 January 2006

Making your life easier

Mirrorpix are launching a new website (Soft launch February 2006) which makes available online every originally printed publication of The Daily Mirror newspaper; from 1903 to present.

The Daily Mirror is one of Britain's oldest national newspapers. First published on 2nd November 1903 and holds the unique distinction of being the first newspaper publication anywhere in the world to use photographs (first used 7th January 1904).

With so much content to search through Arcitext has been designed primarily for ease of use; allowing researchers to quickly search through over 100 years of news and instantly see how articles originally appeared in The Daily Mirror at the time of publication.

Editorial Notes

Arcitext allows the user to download reproduction quality pages at the touch of a button; ready for broadcast in news cycles or insertion as footage in documentaries etc.

Arcitext will also greatly reduce the amount of time and money companies spend on researching newspaper articles and will be available by subscription.

Arcitext has been designed to help researchers across multiple disciplines but particular attention has been paid to researchers operating in the Magazine, TV Production and Book Publishing Industries.

Here are just a few ways in which Arcitext will really help researchers:

Speed - Access over 1.25million pages of the daily mirror at the touch of a button

Ease of use – enter a simple search term (e.g. David Beckham) and have all pages containing articles with that term returned within seconds

Context – researchers can see how a story was originally run, its position and relative importance at the time of publication
Designed for professionals – custom search tools such as front/back page and date searching

Edition scrolling – users can scroll backwards & forwards within a newspaper edition allowing '360 degree navigation' of the entire archive

Save Time – Researchers no longer need to access offline library resources to find the headlines they need, saving literally days in research time

Save money – production time savings = money savings

Mirrorpix is responsible for housing the vast collection of photography we have accumulated since 1904, published in the paper as well as never previously seen, well over 30million images. All of which are available for use in Productions, Publishing, Licensing and Syndication.


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