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Newsletter - WPA Film Library

1 January 2006

New Martial Arts Collection at WPA

The WPA Film Library has added an exciting new collection of contemporary martial arts material. This raw footage documents both experts and beginners, women and men (and some children), practicing fighting styles on three continents.

The collection features familiar and lesser-known arts: French kickboxing, naginata, Eskrima, Tai Chi, backhold wrestling and more. From the dance-like style of capoeira to the unexpected strategies of “drunken boxing,” practitioners show their skills. Other highlights are U.S. Airborne Rangers practicing hand-to-hand combat; B-roll of Japanese cities; and an interview with film/television director Stanley Tong.

The WPA Film Library offers diverse footage from 1895 to the present. The martial arts footage is a unique addition to WPA’s contemporary holdings.
To view samples from the Martial Arts collection, please click here for searchable database:


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