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docsBarcelona New Dates

1 December 2005

New Dates - February 14-1

Under the heading “The First Step!” Parallel 40 and EDN, the European Documentary Network are pleased to announce that the ninth edition of the documentary pitching forum DOCSBARCELONA, will take place February 14-17, 2006 in Terrassa, Barcelona.

Deadline for submitting a project for pitching is January 12.

DOCSBARCELONA is an important meeting point in Europe for professionals working within the documentary industry. The pitching session has proven to be “The First Step!” for documentary filmmakers in order to get their projects financed via international co-production.

DOCSBARCELONA provides the opportunity to
- obtain funding for development and production by addressing appropriate commissioning editors from leading European broadcasters
- learn about the most effective tools to work with international co-productions for documentaries
- hear about the latest demands and developments from TV stations
- have individual meetings with commissioning editors
- network and form alliances with colleagues from around Europe

The Pitching Session
At DOCSBARCELONA 24 international documentary projects will be pitched to a panel of European commissioning editors. Following the pitching session each pitching team will have individual meetings with the commissioning editors, who have shown interest in their project. The working language of the pitching session will be English; however translation between Spanish and English is available.

The Pitching Workshop
Prior to the pitching session DOCSBARCELONA is offering a pitching workshop. Here participants will have their documentary projects developed, gain knowledge about working with international co-production as well as having their pitch shaped in the best form. The working language of the workshop will be English.
Besides the pitching session and workshop DOCSBARCELONA also consists of film screenings, panel presentations and case studies on some of the latest films and developments in the documentary genre.

Come and join us in “The First Step!”

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