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Newsletter - Moving Image Communications

1 November 2005

More European nature footage from wildlife filmakers

Our extensive and eclectic footage library has an amazing collection of European wildlife from two new suppliers. It currently features many birds and butterflies until more subjects come in to complete it. These beautifully and patiently shot films have already been picked up by a client to be used in a large scale British bird themed DVD partworks - something we are understandably proud of!

Success for Good Morning Britain web pages

Since the TV-am webpages have been made available online at the beginning of September, complete with comprehensive information about the programme including many images and clips, Moving Image is very pleased to report that they have been a tremendous success. The number of visits has increased by 50% to reach 14,000 in a month. The ranking has also gone up from about the 2,000,000th position to the 110,000th in just a few weeks!
Although they are not finished with many more clips to come, the most popular pages after the homepage are the video clips page, the programmes page and the presenters page. Coming up quickly behind are the timelines, one for the decade, one for the history of TV-am.This is a very encouraging result and proves that the TV-am archives (as if it needed proving!) are of great interest to both the broadcast professionals and the general public alike.

150th anniversary of the birth of Sigmund Freud

Many organisations, museums and broadcasters are about to pay tribute to Sigmund Freud in 2006 to mark the 150th anniversary of his birth.

Moving Image Communications Ltd holds a 26 minute film made from amateur footage shot between 1930 and 1939, providing an intimate portrait of the founder of psychoanalysis.
The film starts with a colour introduction by Anna Freud, Freud's youngest daughter, in 1978 at the age of 83. She provides a commentary that includes invaluable information about the everyday events and special moments in the Freud family life.

The film features Freud's mother, his wife and children as well as many friends and colleagues.
A good example includes a sequence shot in Bergasse 19, Vienna where Freud established his medical practice and worked on developing the theories and methods of psychoanalysis. The filmed scenes show the consulting room with his desk and many paintings, photographs and figurines. Other shots of Freud show him enjoying various rented summer houses.
When Germany invaded Austria in 1938, Freud and his family managed to move to London, via Paris.
Our amateur film captured the London period and shows both Elsworthy Road and Maresfield Gardens; the latter home has unique material of Freud during his last birthday party.
Sigmund Freud died in September 1939.

With Christmas coming, trivia and quizes are set to increase in popularity. Using moving images to illustrate quiz nights is excellent to give a different touch to the event. It has also proved that it can be far more entertaining!

Do not hesitate to contact us for your enquiries, we are here to help you.

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