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British Pathe Figures Show Popularity of Internet Video

14 October 2005

Annual viewing figures for the digital video footage on the British Pathe website show the increasing interest in, and usage of, video on the internet.

The British Pathe site, which holds more than 3000 hours of video, has been fully online for more than two years after being digitised with a grant from the National Lottery. It is now managed by ITN Archive.

In the 12 months to September 2005, there were around 550,000 user sessions on the site, with the amount of time the users spent on the site and the number of pages they looked at increasing by nearly 10 per cent. The average visit lasted 10 minutes and 44 seconds minutes, viewing around 27 pages. That amounts to 11 years of continuous viewing time.

Christopher O’Hearn, Commercial Director for ITN Archive said: “In just the past few months, some of the biggest names on the internet like Yahoo, Google and others have launched video products. The established success of the British Pathe site shows that if you have good video content then it will be viewed, which is encouraging for the entire archive industry.”

Most traffic to the site continues to be for the free viewing of British Pathe newsreel material. In the last two years, over 750,000 items have been viewed. Some of those viewers have gone on to purchase higher-resolution files, while other requests are from educational users who have free access under an arrangement with school broadband providers.

British Pathe material can be viewed at or licensed through ITN Archive.

Christopher O’Hearn ; +44 20 7430 4287 ; chris.o’

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