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Newsletter - Moving Image Communications

1 September 2005

TV-am items unearthed

Over the years TV-am has become an increasingly popular footage source. We have recently started cataloguing the 10,000 hours of the Good Morning Britain programmes in much more detail, a process which has already been very useful and humorous.
Needless to say that it will take time, but so far we have unearthed little gems such as an interview with Naomi Campbell aged 16 years which you have probably seen in Shine’s ‘The World’s Greatest Supermodel’ on Channel Five. Other goodies that we have found are a Torvill and Dean ice dance rehearsal, Steve Strange 80’s makeover and photographic session and a very funny Vox Pop section with members of the public being asked to speak like Sloane Rangers.
Not only are we opening up our resources more but we’re having great fun laughing at the strange hairstyles and 80’s footage that we’re finding!

With TV-am being such a large resource, we also have created a section on the Moving Image website, dedicated exclusively to TV-am and that you can access from There, you can access many video clips per theme, pictures of the TV-am presenters and other items that will help you to understand the richness of what TV-am covered from 1983 to 1992. You can also check out our timeline of the happening stories of the decade.These pages are fed on a daily basis with images and video clips, so please do check it up regularly. Make it your favourites! TV-am material has recently been used in programmes celebrating the 50th anniversary of ITV such as "This Morning" and "It'll be alright on the Night".

In the Spotlight

Have a look at our In the spotlight section which currently offers clips featuring Kenneth Clarke, candidate for leading the Conservative party, during his various appearances in TV-am from 1983 to 1992. Also on the spotlight page, are aerial shots of London, following the winning bid for the 2012 Olympics. Most of these shots come from our 16:9 bird's eye view collection of the UK.