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APTN Library Signs Deal with Thai Broadcaster

1 August 2005

A Historic Week for London

APTN Library has compiled footage of the historic events in London in July 2005. With major coverage of Live 8, the 2012 Olympics host announcement and the bombings of 7 July; APTN Library has the iconic images from all three momentous events.

2 July 2005 – London, and nine other locations around the World, played host to the biggest live musical event ever. APTN Library has backstage interviews with performers at all ten concerts as well as notable guests including Bill Gates and Tim Robbins.

6 July 2005 – All eyes were on Singapore as the IOC announced who would play host to the Olympic Games in 2012. APTN Library has full coverage of all of the main bids, as well as reactions from Singapore and around the world as London was announced as the winning city.

7 July 2005 – Four suicide bombers struck the London public transport system with horrifying results. APTN Library has extensive footage from all four blast scenes, as well as reactions from around the world, the investigations in Leeds, the attempted attacks of 21 July, and amateur video, represented on behalf of BBC News, of suicide bomber Mohammad Sidique Khan in his previous occupation as a youth counsellor. The key images from these events have been compiled into a 90-minute clipreel.

“APTN produced many hours of coverage of each event,” said Véronique Foucault, APTN Library Manager. “With a London bombing clipreel already created and Olympics and Live 8 clipreels to follow shortly, we are able to provide the most powerful images in a way that is instantly accessible by our clients.”

The London Terrorist Attacks clipreel and the forthcoming Live 8 and Olympics clipreels are available through APTN Library. For licensing details call +44 20 7482 7482, email or visit


APTN Library
Véronique Foucault
+44 20 7482 7881

About APTN Library:

APTN Library is the moving image archive of Associated Press Television News, the world's leading video news agency. Based in London and Washington, the Library supplies footage for television, film, education, advertising and digital media. APTN Library also represents a wide variety of footage from partners including ABC News America, ABC Australia, CTV Canada, CCTV China, RTR Russia, Sky News UK, United Nations TV, Vatican Television, WWF the Conservation Organisation, plus exclusive amateur and historically significant items.