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Russian Archive goes to APTN Library

13 June 2005

Russian state broadcaster RTR has agreed a representation deal with APTN Library which will see thousands of news items made available for licensing.

Producers and broadcasters will be able to license RTR footage held by APTN in London and which is already searchable in the database at .

Around 4000 items are readily available ranging from footage in Chechnya and terrorist incidents in Russia, to official events and government announcements.

As the state broadcaster RTR has exceptional access within Russia and new footage is frequently supplied through APTN’s news operations, the most recent being the VE day 60 th anniversary and the trial of oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

APTN Head of Content Christopher O’Hearn said the deal would benefit APTN’s clients.

“We are making the most of APTN’s global reach to bring together all this material. It’s especially helpful where the broadcasters do not have their own sales operations or where language is a problem.”

The RTR material joins a growing list of broadcast partners represented by APTN Library, including the United Nations, ABC America, CCTV China, Vatican TV, AuBC, WWF and KRT North Korea.

APTN also represents exclusive footage on subjects ranging from 9/11 and the Kennedy assassination to Michael Jackson.

For licensing inquiries contact APTN Library on +44 20 7482 7482 or in the US +1 202 736 9590 or by email to

Christopher O’Hearn
+44 20 7482 7437 /