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SVT- Sveriges Television Launches Website Project Open Archive

1 May 2005

Open Archive feature on Please visit:

Step by step, the public will be given the opportunity to go into the giant SVT archives to relive milestones in Swedish television history – news, programmes and films of all genres. A collection of newsreels gives a fascinating glimpse of all walks of life from 1896 to 1966.

“SVT has long had a dream of giving the public access to our rich archives, but this is the first time it’s been technologically possible,” says SVT’s Director General, Christina Jutterström. “To begin with, we’re releasing major news events like the hostage drama at Norrmalmstorg (that coined the phrase “Stockholm Syndrome”), the fall of the Berlin Wall, the sinking of the Estonia and the murder of Anna Lindh, along with children’s programmes and light entertainment shows.”

“We’re very pleased to be able to open this archive to the public,” says Lena Glaser, head of SVTi, a group that has been working feverishly to find the gems and to obtain the proper rights to publish them on “The selection is enormous, and there’s a lot to consider when we select what to publish first. We negotiate with the copyright holders and set priorities based on journalistic values once we’ve identified what rights we have.”

SVT – Sveriges Television – is the Swedish Public Service Broadcaster and celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2006.

The over 200,000 hours of programmes are preserved in many formats, from 35mm film to DVD. SVT is also working with restoration to salvage older programmes. The technical conditions vary, but gradually SVT will transfer the programmes to streaming video for publication on

Many of SVT’s modern programmes are already streamed on; over 1000 hours are published regularly and available up to 30 days after airing. Last month, 5 million programme and video clips were viewed.

“The programmes are not downloadable,” Glaser explains, “because of regulations like copyrights. To see streamed material on, you need to download Real Player or Windows Media Player. And a broadband connection ensures the best quality.

“More and more people have broadband these days, and many want to choose their favourites from our selection. Watching previously aired programmes on is increasingly popular, and now visitors can also view older material from our archives.”

The Open Archive is available only in Swedish at the moment – but the footage itself is enjoyable without an introduction. The oldest clips are under “Journalfilm”. Under “Sports” – En stjärna föds (A star is born) you can see Björn Borg at the age of 14.

For more information, please contact:

Mrs Lena Glaser
Head of SVTi (SVT Interactive)
phone +46 70-784 35 43

Reque sts for photos please contact
web site: