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A New Rep Deal for L'atelier des Archives

23 May 2005

L’atelier des archives has just announced that they will sell the archives of Paris Première, the French cultural channel, world wide.

Created in 1986, Paris Première has covered all the main French and international cultural events since nearly 20 years: Cannes festival, actors interview, theatre, literature music, etc…

All the Paris Première reports are very precisely described. M6 the television major is the new owner of Paris Première and they have now entrusted l’Atelier des Archives with the footage sales of Paris Première.

This deal is the seventh agreement signed by l’atelier des archives since its creation less than one year ago by Thierry Rolland and Sylvie Gourdel.

L’atelier des archives is representing British Movietone and Moving Image in France and AFP (Agence France Presse), Erik Durschmied and Roger Pic archives as well as amateur collection. One of the goals of the youngest company in the archives business is to be the key to multiple footage sources in France.