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TMR restores The Edge of the World for Cannes Film Festival

27 April 2005

Film specialist restores Michael Powell’s first independent production

TMR, part of the VTR Media Services group, has completed HD telecine and provided extensive digital restoration work for The Edge of the World. Directed by Michael Powell, the classic 1937 movie will be screened within the ‘Cannes Classics’ section at the 2005 Film Festival. The film was selected by the Cannes Film Festival as part of the British Film Institute’s celebration of the Michael Powell centenary.

The British Film Institute (bfi) holds the original elements of the film, which tells a moving story about a remote Scottish island and its inhabitants, whose traditions and way of life are threatened by a rapidly industrialising world. Shot over four arduous months in the wild, windswept Shetland Islands, Michael Powell’s first independent production establishes the daring techniques and experimentation that would later become familiar hallmarks of his career.

Based on its proven track record and long-time working relationship, TMR was selected by the bfi to complete the task of preparing The Edge of the World for its premiere at Cannes. TMR’s work included HD telecine grading and transferring of 35mm nitrate footage to HD D5, through to repairing, fixing and cleaning up marks and restoring the mono soundtrack.

David Atkinson, TMR’s archive specialist explains: “The restoration of The Edge of the World was a complex but enjoyable task for TMR. Using our restoration suites Teranex ImageRestore and MTI, the process involved us restoring the film frame by frame, second by second. This ensured that the job was not only completed to the best standard, but that the finer details, such as grain and lighting, were not affected. In total we provided over 340,000 digital fixes in the movie – including the restoration of damaged frames and the removal of dirt, scratches and sparkle. In all some 350 hours were spent in TMR’s Digital Restoration Suite.”

“The bfi was quite specific about the final look and feel of the film that it wanted to achieve,” said James White, bfi’s producer for the project. “TMR worked very closely to our instructions, completing the project to the highest standard. We’re extremely pleased with the end result. The telecine grade is lovely and the clean-up work is really quite stunning. We’re looking forward to seeing The Edge of the World shown at Cannes.”

Following Cannes, the HD version of The Edge of the World will serve as the bfi’’s digital distribution master for all copies of the movie distributed throughout the world.

About TMR

Established in 1991, TMR has over 14 years’ experience of providing specialist restoration, digitisation, DVD authoring and telecine to the film, television, corporate and entertainment markets. It offers clients both highly experienced operators with cutting edge technology and film specialists with over 100 years of experience between them.

Within TMR there are two key divisions. TMR is the archive and restoration specialist, providing a full suite of optical and digital video and film restoration services at either SD or HD resolutions. It also includes the UK’s only traditional film treatment centre, as well as full feature film mastering and duplication facilities.

TMR Digital (formerly Clipstream) provides full DVD authoring and encoding facilities to media companies. It also reaches out into the wider corporate and blue chip market through its design, build and integration of customised digital asset management and website services.

Clients include bfi, IWM, TWI, Pathé, Shed, HIT Entertainment, Sanctuary Records, Sony BMG, BBC Worldwide, BUFVC, British Movietone News, Getty Images and Walt Disney.

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Project: The Edge of the World

Client: bfi

bfi project managers: Erich Sargeant & James White

TMR project manager: Ben Almond
TMR film archive specialist: David Atkinson
TMR HD Telecine: Gerry Gedge
TMR restoration: Richard Watson & Simon Duke

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