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Icebergs to Mandela - New APTN Clipreels

26 April 2005

 APTN Library has added some new footage and compiled new clipreels in its extensive collection.

The new footage is exclusive video of the massive B15A iceberg which broke off the coast of Antarctica earlier in the year. It was shot by filmmakers working on a documentary.

The iceberg has been causing significant problems for scientists working in the Antarctic and also for penguins unable to reach their feeding grounds.

Most significantly it has been a focus of attention for broader concerns about environmental protection and global warming.

APTN also represents material from WWF, the global conservation organisation, and has its own extensive news footage of environmental issues and problems.

The other new clipreels are three volumes on Nelson Mandela which cover his life and the changes in South Africa over more than 40 years.

It starts with his trial in 1964 and covers the key events and people of the following decades including his wife Winnie Mandela, the Soweto riots in the 70s, the eventual dismantling of the apartheid regime and Mandela's triumphant release and taking of power.

The footage also includes exclusive video of Mandela's 80th birthday and marriage to Graca Michel, along with extensive clips of Mandela with world leaders and celebrities from the Dalai Lama to Naomi Campbell.

The new iceberg material and Mandela clipreels are available through APTN Library. For licensing details call +44 20 7482 7482, email or visit


Christopher O'Hearn
+44 20 7482 7437

About APTN Library:

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