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Lost Pictures Rescued from the Lion's Den

1 April 2005

A member of the Mirrorpix archive team has recently made the kind of discovery that most picture researchers could only dream of. A collection of supposedly lost images from the Daily Mirror collection have turned up in the most unlikely place; a warehouse next door to The New Den, home of Millwall FC.

The amazing discovery was made by the Library Manager, John Mead, during an ongoing re-organization of the Mirror's South London warehouse.

"I took a call from one of our porters who said that they had found several filing cabinets worth of old pictures in the warehouse. He told me that the files were about to be thrown away; so if wanted to keep them we'd better be quick!"

The files were immediately rescued and are now safely stored in the Mirrorpix archive at Watford.

It is believed that the negatives were misplaced when The Daily Mirror relocated from Holborn to Canary Wharf over a decade ago. "These negatives should have been sent to our library in Watford but somehow during the move they ended up here instead".

Searching through the treasure trove

Early estimates indicate an incredible and broad wealth of "new" material consisting of at least 1 million negatives, possibly more. Due to the sheer size of the find, Mirrorpix are dedicating a number of library resources to catalogue, assess and incorporate this new collection into its existing archives immediately.

The archive team is particularly looking forward to "mining for gold" and ensuring this collection of images is available for selection as soon as possible.


Editorial Notes

Images from this new collection will be made available for publication.
In all relevant formats

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