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Index Stockshots Adds New Cityscapes and Offers More on HD

1 April 2005

Movie, feature and advertising producers among high-profile licensors

Footage house Index Stock Shots has added a range of quality iconic cityscapes in widescreen to its already extensive collection of world location footage. The latest material features the ever-changing skylines of London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles and, for the first time, San Diego.

As with all Index core footage, Cinematographer Gerry Weinbren endeavoured to film the super 35mm imagery from unusual vantage points, with the "Magic Hour", that most dramatic period between sunset and darkness, as the favourite time for coverage.
All core collection material is shot on super 35mm film, with widescreen and High Definition uses in mind, and with ever improving film stocks and telecine transfer technology, the end product gets better and better. Weinbren commented: "The high-speed film stocks like Fuji 500 provide exquisite results in the right lighting conditions - essential when material is to be transferred to HD, or used in feature films".
To meet the demand for High Definition stock, mainly from the US, Index has transferred a range of topics - purposely shot on 35mm full-gate - to HD D5, with the new telecine techniques giving stunning results. The transferred shots include Grand Canyon aerials, world icons, air-to-air, high-speed trains, extreme weather, and energy related footage. For quick turnaround and cost saving for US clients HD material is held in Los Angeles
Recent high-profile licences include Florida seafront footage in the Jay Roach movie "Meet the Fockers", and shots of vapour trails in a crisp commercial and a BBC Horizon programme. Index reports a sudden surge in movie production resulting in three British and four American in-production features having acquired footage recently.
Now recovered from bypass surgery and radiotherapy to combat prostate cancer, Weinbren enjoys being back in harness and in particular pursuing his favourite pastime-filming aircraft. The recent visit to San Diego provided just such an opportunity, as the airport is situated alongside Highway 5 with two conveniently placed high-rise hotels to shoot from. The result, unusual material of aircraft descending low over the freeway - and an added bonus, coverage of the valley through which the motor traffic constantly flows, typical of Southern Californian urban development
One-minute sample clip reels featuring material from the new San Diego and New York shoots are available on-line at

About Index Stock Shots
Index Stock Shots is one of the few independently owned dedicated 35mm stock shot collections left in today's stock footage industry. For over 35 years its quality footage has been regularly licensed into television and cinema productions, and motion advertising. Clients range from tv producers to leading ad agencies, from big name corporates to Hollywood studios. Index supplies clients from digital master tapes held in London and Los Angeles, or by direct film transfer to tape or film.

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