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New Michael Jackson Footage

1 April 2005



Rare professional footage from inside Michael Jackson’s Neverland ranch has been acquired for licensing by APTN Library.

The footage shows the visit of a German family with two children who had been invited after floods destroyed their home.

It shows the family entering and touring Neverland, using the private rides and fairground attractions and staying in guest apartments.

In one scene the family is visited by Jackson inside their room where he greets them and talks to the children, signing autographs on their shoes.

The footage was shot by TS Medien, a German production company making a documentary, and all rights and consents have been obtained from the family.

Also available are additional sequences showing Jackson making a personal appearance before fans in London at which he makes strong criticisms of record label Sony.

APTN Library has a wide variety of Michael Jackson footage as part of its extensive collection of general entertainment and celebrity material.

Other premium Jackson footage includes a long amateur video sequence of the star with Jordy Chandler, the boy at the centre of previous allegations against the star which will be part of the current case against Jackson.

For licensing inquiries contact APTN Library on +44 20 7482 7482 or in the US +1 202 736 9590 or by email to



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