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Fabulous Africa at Framepool

1 March 2005

 Dr. Rudolf Lammers, one of Germany’s international renowned animal
cinematographers has signed a contract with stock footage agency framepool
for the distribution of his archive from over 20 years shooting in Africa.
„In my opinion, framepool offers the best technical and personal
requirements to distribute my rushes worldwide,“ Rudolf Lammers quotes .

Dr. Lammers archive covers films mostly shot in Namibia, South Africa and
Tanzania. Highspeed takes of fighting animals are included and also scenes
filmed with four cameras from different perspectives. One of his films was
nomineed at the WildScreen Festival in Bristol/UK in October 2004.

Dr. Lammers and framepool teamed up after a testing phase in which

framepool could market Dr. Lammers footage in the US. „On the basis of a
now agreed co-operation we have started to scan and restore the footage of
Dr. Lammers on HDTV. „We are surprised about the good results, which we
obtained,“ explains Ulrike Ziegler, who attends the contractual partners.
In the meantime the first 100 hours of 16mm material are online at and the scanning for HDTV quality of selected highlights
of Rudolf Lammers archive will be carried out during the next months in


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