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Huntley Archives Finds Gems Amongst its Nitrate Collection

10 February 2005

Due to an unforeseen move, work has started anew on our nitrate collections,which number some 600 cans of film. Most of it is still in very goodcondition and dates from the 1890s to 1951 (when this combustible film wasphased out). Early finds include an original Lumiere street scene andGladstone's funeral from 1898. Also found are rare examples of amateur filmshot on 35mm including an atypical lower middle class wedding from 1913 andpeople arriving for the Cup Final at Wembley in 1925. Among other finds area wonderful tinted version of Snow White from 1910 and some reels from the1933 film The Women Who Dared previously thought to be a lost film (not any more!). There isn't enough room to here to mention all the exciting finds- a random selection includes workers leaving a factory in Luton in 1900,street scenes of Harringay in the 1920's, the feature Old St Paul's from1914 with a fairly convincing reconstruction of the Great Fire of London anda strange colour Rajput tiger hunt from the Twenties. There will be manymore discoveries in the months ahead as the films are copied back onto filmand onto tape formats.