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Newsletter - Film Images - Issue Feb 05

4 February 2005

As the Oscars approach we are proud to announce our very own Oscar winner!

The Central Office of Information documentary Daybreak in Udi won the coveted statue in 1950 and is being screened at the Academy this year as part of an Oscar winning documentary season.

The film shows how the Ibo tribe of farmers from Nigeria spontaneously take on their own community development, and against opposition, manage to build new roads, schools and provide water supply and a new maternity home.

(Above) Witch doctor in Udi - New in this month Fabulous home movie reels of Nigerian and later Ghanian Independence celebrations have arrived. Shot In colour, the reels also show ex-pat life in these countries and in Cameroon during the Fifties and Sixties. Back in the UK, we see nostalgic school sports days with all sorts of races, and family holidays in Blackpool and Scotland. Later - holidays in Tenerife and a fascinating tour around India feature. Search term Film-33* See also our Overseas and Film and Television collection for hundreds of fascinating films made by this film unit in Africa. Search term OFT*

(Above) Nkrumah decorations in Ghana - Film Images was established in 1989 as a comprehensive film and video resource of clips and stock shots for all kinds of productions. Our collections are expanding daily.

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