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Newsletters - ZDF Archive - Issue Feb 05

21 February 2005

Scandal in German Football!

Referee Robert Hoyzer in an exclusive interview for ZDF. The scandalous referee Robert Hoyzer comments on the reproaches concerning the manipulation of football matches.

According to the German Football League, Hoyzer is supposed to have influenced football matches of the Second Devision as well as DFB Cup Games on which he bet beforehand. Consequently, he received a large amount of money. Other European Leagues are possibly involved in the betting scandal as well, unknown to what extent. This suspicion was confirmed so that Robert Hoyzer is on remand until further notice.

ZDF does not only offer you material of the exclusive interview but also other reports dealing with this unique case of the German Football History that shocked all football fans and all people in charge! Do not hesitate to make an inquiry for footage!


Death Across the Waves - The Drama of the Tsunami Floods

ZDF Archive offers outstanding exclusive footage material

On 26th December 2004 horror gained a face of its own: within a matter of seconds the giant tsunami wave wreaked havoc with the lives of countless people across 5 countries. Today the UN estimates the disaster cost the lives of 280,000 people, with a large number of children among the victims adding to the tragedy. In addition, hundreds of thousands of people are injured or homeless - and the fate of many of those still missing may never be established conclusively.

ZDF set itself the task of providing comprehensive information about this catastrophe: neutral, without sensationalism, and always reflecting the human dignity of those affected. At extremely short notice, the most successful TV fund-raising event in the world was organised and succeeded in raising 50 million euros for the victims of the flooding. As part of this TV event, ZDF broadcast comprehensive reports about the origins of tsunamis, the after effects of a tidal wave, the fate of secluded ethnic groups and the potential for crisis prevention.

We have now compiled into a broadcast ready clipreel, comprehensive reports from ZDF correspondents in the affected countries of Southeast Asia that also include exclusive amateur videos and computer animation sequences that illustrate underwater earthquakes and the shifting tectonic plates.

This worldwide exclusive ZDF material condenses many hours of reporting and is available by contacting the ZDF Archive Sales,1872,2040297,00.html


Giants of the might - Bush in Germany

23rd February 2005 will be a very special day - the president of the United States of America - George W. Bush - is coming to Germany!

As a matter of fact he will exclusively visit Mainz - thus he follows the example of his father and predecessor George Bush sen. who came to Mainz as part of his state visit in 1998. At that time he gave a keynote speech concerning East-West-relations and the developments in Eastern Europe - we have this speech and more of detailed and exclusive material ready for your background reporting.

Needless to say that exclusive material of the upcoming Bush visit to Mainz in February 2005 will be placed at your disposal.
Already we have brand new topics for you available such as "atomic weapons in Iran and the role of the United States", "US foreign affairs in the second term of office of George Bush", "terror warnings of the FBI" und much more…

We are happy to serve you - give us a call or contact us via mail:
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