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APTN Library Prepares Tsunami Footage

1 January 2005


London Jan 19, 2005;

APTN Library has completed its first compilation clipreel of the Asian Tsunami disaster.

The first of two planned tapes concentrates on the mass of amateur video which was taken by people affected by the tsunami.

It shows in great detail the effects of the wave as it hit coastlines around the Indian ocean and also illustrates how it affected different areas in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries.

A second tape is nearing completion and will feature news coverage of the event from APTN and other sources.

Christopher O’Hearn, APTN Head of Content said:

“As the world’s leading video news provider APTN has been covering all aspects of this story. And in the Library we have already had a number of requests from programme makers looking to react quickly to the global concern and interest that people have shown.”

The news footage tape will cover the aftermath of the tsunami as well as rescue, aid and relief operations in the weeks after, and world reaction.


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About APTN Library:

APTN Library is the moving image archive of Associated Press Television News, the world’s leading video news agency. Based in London and Washington, the Library supplies footage for television, film, education, advertising and digital media. APTN Library also represents a wide variety of footage from partners including ABC News, ABC Australia, Vatican Television and CCTV China plus exclusive amateur and historically significant items. For sales contact or +44 20 7482 7482.