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Newsletter - Moving Image Communications - Issue Jan 05

1 January 2010

Moving Image Communications win the tender for VisitBritain stills library

Moving Image are delighted to announce they have won the tender from VisitBritain (formerly the BTA), for the digital asset management of their Britain on View online image library ( Starting in January, we will be working closely with the library and overseeing the image management of their commissioned shoots, through image manipulation and processing, to providing captioning and keywording metadata, site technical support, and final upload to the website. This is a new direction for Moving Image and continues a long association with the BTA (British Tourist Authority). Moving Image continues to represent the BTA worldwide for clip footage licensing.

When the home movies capture more than a smiling face Moving Image add more films to their amateur films collection.

The attention to the little details, focus on a relatives’ mannerisms or the camera’s obedience to move wherever the cameraman wishes, without hesitation, gives the footage a quirky movement and fluidity. It is this very quality that turns the films’ home-movie attribute into a fantastic historical tool. The material now offers the opportunity to analyse and appreciate a family’s worldwide holiday in a new social context and the capture of startling mainstream cultural change from the centre of the bustling Metropolis to the angelic rural countryside. Shot on 16mm Film and available in colour and black and white the camera follows two wealthy families around the world. The footage displays a mixture of playfulness in opulent surroundings to intimate and affectionately personal moments of a close family. Footage focusing on the luxury holidays include shots of beautiful town squares, architecture and bustling seaports during a cruise to Laconia in 1929, Monte Carlo and Marrakesh in 1936, visiting wildlife reserves and meeting local towns people during a trip to South Africa in 1959. Festive New York with half-complete skyscrapers and fabulous street scenes, and perhaps most impressively an illustration of the wealth and popularity of Havana in the early 1930s. The diversity of locations and various cultures is breathtaking. Footage focusing on individual members reveals tender and compassionate moments within these close-knit families. One such gathering at Moreton Bagot farm in 1940 illustrates these points wonderfully. Shot in colour, the work and recreation of the people involved comes to life. The families have fun around the swimming pool, admire the beautiful and colourful gardens and work in the wheat fields and stables. Their smiles are only matched by the glorious summer weather. Offering the most poignant moments of a family’s life include marvellous black and white and colour footage of wedding days and the playing of young children with their parents. This is footage that not only offers the viewer shots of a family on holiday but also the very existence of a family interacting. Click here for sample clips. Adrian Brunel films available at Moving Image Moving Image Communications now offers films such as "Crossing the Great Sagrada" (1924) and " Two Chinned Chow" (1923) as influential examples of the fascinating personality of Adrian Brunel. Brunel began his career making ‘work in progress’ shorts before moving into features in the 1920s. Born in 1892, Brunel founded the London Film Society in an attempt to wrestle control of film content away from censorship bodies and back to the Director, a theme visible throughout his films. He was a man who often delivered the criticism himself, writing and acting in many productions. Click here for sample clips. Contact our research team for more details regarding Brunel’s silent comedies that Moving Image holds. Award for Imelda Marcos documentary

We would like to extend our congratulations to Ramona S. Diaz for her award winning documentary film ‘Imelda’, which beat the likes of Fahrenheit 9/11 at the annual International Documentary Association awards. Moving Image worked closely with Ramona on this project, supplying images such as George Hamilton singing to Imelda and Imelda disco dancing from it’s ‘Marcos Millions’

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