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More Award Winning Footage Available from Oxford Scientific (OSF)

1 November 2004

Oxford Scientific (OSF) are delighted to announce that they have secured the rights to represent recent award winningfootage from The Elephant, the Emperor and the Butterfly Tree via their film library . The film won the Golden Panda award at the recent Wildscreen festival held in October 2004 and was produced by OSF Productions.

There is over 50mins of footage used for the film along with 28 hours of outs. The content includes stunning African scenics and amazing shots of the weird and wonderful relationship between the main characters. Jane Mulleneux, Creative Director of Oxford Scientific Footage Department says “We are so proud to offer footage from The Elephant, the Emperor and the Butterfly Tree; it is beautifully shot and fits well with the high quality for which OSF’s library is known. Not only did the programme win the Golden Panda but it also received a nomination for the Kodak Award for Cinematography; it’s packed full of innovative and striking shots, which I know our clients are going to love”

Oxford Scientific(OSF) has access to over 2000 hours of stock footage and specialises in wildlife, science, special effects, time-lapse, slow-motion, macro and micro cinematography as well as having access to thousands of clips shot by OSF Productions’ award winning cameramen

About us

Oxford Scientific (OSF) was founded in the early 1960’s and is revered worldwide for being THE natural world specialist. AS well as over 2000 hours of film footage the library also consists of over 350,000 still images with in-depth coverage of flora, fauna, mammals, science, environmental as well as available for license. Since May 2004 Oxford Scientific has been part of The Photolibrary Group, which includes the generalist agency,, which has quickly established a reputation for high quality imagery, speed of delivery and efficient service.

The group has access to over 1 million images with a larger percentage available online via and

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