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Newsletter - Huntley Archives

1 November 2004

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It's been an amazing summer of acquisition...the new arrivals seem to be
spilling through the door and out into Wardour Street but we've had an
exciting time sifting, sorting, repairing, copying and researching and now
have most of them up on the website as per usual.
The great thing about our field is you never really know what you're going
to need at any given time. And our job is to make as much of our footage
accessible to you...when you need at the right price.
We don't hide our costs in the small print, there are NO per can or per
collection minimums, you can order anything from our library, accumulate it
and then pay the minimum of 30 seconds.
Anyway, enough of the ad, back to the movies, and I list below just a small
sample of some of our favourites - just in!
* We have just received a large collection of films from a French
Canadian cine club in Canada. The collection is nearly all worthy
documentaries from the 'old country' on the subjects of French art, history
and customs in the 'regions'. There are also gems from other parts of the
globe from the 1940's to the 1970's. There are films from Kazakhstan,
Lithuania and the Ukraine all made while still under the yoke of Communism.
Among the fun items are an American 'goona goona' film of life on a South
Seas island where life consists of nude bathing, drug abuse and fighting
sharks. Get me a plane ticket!
* Trailers just in! All About Eve, Barbarella, King Kong, Lawrence of
Arabia, Blazing Saddles.
* It is only one reel of 16mm, a wedding, in the 1960's, sent in by an
amateur donor, but it really is one of the nicest we've seen. Nothing much
to get excited about you may say, but the 10 minutes is beautifully put
together with lots of indoor shots of the reception (so often it is rather
fixed smiles at the church door).

Best wishes to you
Amanda Huntley