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Metro Broadcast Restores John Wayne Classics for DVD Box Sets

18 October 2004

Metro Broadcast has used its in-house audio and video restoration facility to bring new life to more than 20 John Wayne films being released by Universal as a series of box sets.
The films have been grouped into such genres as "Wayne out West"; "Wayne at War"; "Wayne in Action"; "The Wayne/Ford Collection" and others. Metro processed the films with “Archangel”, which has the ability to correct artefacts such as noise, dirt, scratches, unsteadiness and flicker.

Also, owing to their age, the audio tracks from a number of titles, including - Flying Tigers, The Fighting Seabees, The Long Voyage Home, Three Faces West, Fort Apache and Sands of Iwo Jima were in very poor condition and certainly not up to DVD standard.

Metro Broadcast Facility Director Mark Cox said, ‘Our new CEDAR for Windows audio restoration facility provides high-end audio functionality in-house for the first time, and it’s been used to great effect on these John Wayne classics. We were able to significantly suppress background hiss, remove the crackle and pops associated with the optical soundtracks of this era and reduce peak distortion.”

Additionally, Pro Tools was used to seamlessly edit out film reel changes, which can often cause audio holes, thumps and abrupt edits, and to edit out more stubborn crackles and pops whenever possible.
Cox adds, ‘Our Pro Tools-based audio studio has recently been complemented by the addition of a voice-over booth. Coupled with the ability to handle all audio formats and with full connectivity between VO and VT rooms, clients can bring projects to Metro and complete everything under one roof.’

About Metro:

Metro Broadcast is the television facilities business of Metro, the media technology group that encompasses television facilities, live events, technology sales, engineering and new media. Metro is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the WPP Group plc, the world’s No.1 ranked Communications Services group, with over 1,300 offices in 92 countries.

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