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Granada TV Appeals for Return of Bradford City Fire Footage

1 October 2004

Yorkshire Television owns the copyright in the footage of the 1985 stadium fire at Bradford City FC in which 53 people died. At the time of the fire, the material was released on a news access basis throughout the world. It is thought that many archives will retain copies of this material within their collections.

Following recent reports of apparently illegal and irresponsible uses of this material, Yorkshire Television appeals to all libraries and archives to assess their collections with a view to destroying their copies of the material or returning the copies to our library. Failing that, we ask that strict embargoes be placed on the release of the material to third parties.

The continued illegal use of this highly sensitive material causes great distress to the survivors of the fire and the relatives of the victims. Yorkshire Television have imposed a strict ban on broadcast and distribution and great care is taken to ensure that this material is not issued for anything other than fire safety training purposes. We appeal to all archives to be equally responsible in their approach to this footage.

Dale Grayson - Head of Rights, Granada
Tel +44 113 222 8052