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Newsletter - Moving Image Communications

1 October 2004

  • Focus on...Greg Huglin's ocean footage
  • Success for our recent Quick Time viewing clips
  • Master material delivery via fibre optic link (line feed)
  • Results for Moving Image Quiz
  • Archive wallpaper for your computer screen

Focus on...Greg Huglin's marine life films

We highlight this month the extensive collection of ocean footage supplied to us from the U.S. Shot entirely on 35mm and 16mm film the material benefits from a professional cameraman’s eye for the dramatic shots and for one of a better phrase, the directorial "money shot". The collection offers a variety of superb shots including: Swimming with dolphins, pipeline surfing, windsurfing, slow motion and time-lapse ocean waves and extreme close-ups of very personal encounters with Great White sharks!

Continuing the extreme sport spirit, additions to the collection boasts mountain biking and some of the best sheer-face rock climbing footage we have seen. Dramatic shots include climbers negotiating overhangs, abseiling down stone pillars with a sunrise behind them and the show-off blonde, answering her mobile while dangling perilously from a rope.

Success for our recent Quick Time viewing clips

Moving Image would like to take the opportunity to illustrate our growing capability to proactively research client requests and viewable material in a quick and cost efficient manner.

The addition of a new video capture technique allows our researchers to send short clips, viewable through Quick Time, for any request at short notice. The feedback we have received is extremely positive. The short visuals allows you to "put a face" to the shot list text description of shots. Initial Quick Time clips are free and make the selection of material for your VHS screeners more appropriate to your specific footage requirements. "Grabs" or JPEGS are available as normal. Please ask our staff for more information.

Master material delivery via fibre optic link (line feed)

With a significant number of our master tapes readily accessible from the Maidstone Studios vaults, we can offer fibre-optic digital line feed as a fast means of supplying our footage. We have via The Maidstone Studios, a fibre optic connection to the BT tower in London which is capable of carrying video and audio signals without compromising the original quality of the material. The fibre optic circuit is a 34 Mbit/s BT Medianet solution with full redundancy and terminates on a facility line at the tower. From the BT tower the signal can be distributed to anywhere in the world.
If you require broadcast quality footage urgently, we can arrange for clips to be fed to the BT tower, and downloaded to a facility house of your choice. Please ask our staff for more specific information.