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APTN Library Sponsors FOCAL Awards 2005

28 September 2004


APTN Library has signed up to be the major overall sponsor for the 2005 FOCAL International Archive Awards.

The awards recognise outstanding uses of archive footage in a wide variety of media. There are also special awards for the Library of the Year and Researcher of the Year and for Lifetime Achievement.

The event will take place at BAFTA, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, on 9th May 2005 and will be presented by the celebrated British filmmaker Lord David Puttnam.

APTN Head of Content Christopher O’Hearn said the sponsorship reflected the success of the awards.

“This is a great event that brings together those who work in archives with those who use them.

“The archive industry is one where researchers, archivists, producers, salespeople often work together for mutual benefit and we see this sponsorship as a way of contributing to the broader archive community.”

In recognition of the sponsorship the awards will be known as the Focal International Awards in Association with APTN Library.

FOCAL Chair Jane Mercer said she was delighted that APTN Library had chosen to support the awards.

"To have our Awards ceremony sponsored by an internationally-renowned video news agency is both a pleasure and an honour, reflecting FOCAL's, own international role and importance within the world of content libraries and archives."

Individual awards are sponsored by other leading companies connected to the archive industry, and anyone seeking sponsorship opportunities should contact FOCAL International on +44 (0)20 8423 5853. Details of sponsorship packages and Award Entry Forms can be found on the FOCAL website