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Newsletter - Moving Image Communications

1 September 2004


  • NEW: Moving Image Quiz
  • More of Filmfinders tranferred onto video
  • Focus on Amateur Films
  • Quick Time video clips
  • Archive wallpaper for your computer screen
  • We hope you all have had an enjoyable summer holiday and are feeling fresh for another year of archives based productions!

Moving Image Quiz Are you the office know-it-all, do you have all the answers to the obscure trivial questions or are you the weakest link in the pub quiz team? Does every one look at you for inspiration or to get the next round in? If you think you are the ‘best researcher in town’ pit your wits against the NEW Moving Image quiz and reward your project and impress the boss with a number of prizes to aid any production interested in archive material!

More of Filmfinders transferred onto video

More Filmfinders films have recently been enhanced and transferred onto video with excellent results. The deterioration and natural vulnerabilities film is susceptible to have been removed and weathered and damaged film is now impressively restored. This has become a process Moving Image is determined to continue. They include:Trojan Car, the motorcar from the Monty Python school of car advertising! A hilarious short film showing the benefits of the cranky little car that can "negotiate any terrain".Peter the Tramp, an early Swedish short film showing of the talents of legendary silver screen actress Greta Garbo.Phantom of the Opera, the memorable conclusion to an all time classic, the final 20 minutes of the 20s version stars Lon Chaney and provides an excellent example of his special make-up effects and why he was known as "the man with a thousand faces."River Thames shows London of 1934 and its famous river brought to life with this splendid Gasparcolor footage. The Thames bustles with activity from riverboats and barges to cranes and sailboats. You will be startled at how much London depended on the great river. and also: Randolph Hearst Beach Party at San SimeonPearl WhitePeacock AlleyVictorian LadyThe Warning
Focus on Amateur FilmsAmateur film is experiencing a Renaissance of sorts. Archival footage shot on film and encompassing a wide variety of topics have become increasingly important sources of primary evidence. Stacks of old (and often unwanted) film tins in the attic or garages are proving to be a goldmine of documentary evidence for historians and programme makers. Can you remember the fashions of the upper classes in the 30s or how Sigmund Freud enjoyed leisure time with his family?The amateur films provide intimate portraits of ordinary lives. Highlights include the day-to-day work and holidays of an upper class, rural 1930s and 1940s family, in colour. The family gathers to welcome back two young men wearing military uniforms before working together to collect corn in the fields and relax playing tennis and swimming in the outdoor pool. Also poignant footage of infants playing with adoring parents, toy dolls, family pets and building sandcastles on the beach. A splendid piece of social history with idyllic shots of country villages, landscapes and cottages with thatched roofs. A scene interestingly paralleled with excellent footage of London’s skyline and the River Thames, seemingly alive with industrial barges and small boats. Two further gems are a trip through 1940’s New York. Lush colours give the building, the streets and yellow taxis a satisfying texture to the handheld visuals. We would also like to highlight the presence of a variety of Super 8mm contemporary worldwide destination footage. Shot on Super 8 the footage offers the rough and ‘Amateur’ feel to travel locations including Pakistan, Alaska, Australia, New York and many more. Please ask one of researchers for a complete list or check our online database.

Video clips available on the Moving Image website. There is footage here to make you wonder, perhaps reflect and be inspired....

Quick Time video clips In order to make your research easier and quicker, Moving Image can now email you Quick Time sample clips to view, at no extra cost. As part of the usual research we carry out for you, we can send a few video clips, which you can view instantly, along with your shot list. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details. Archive wallpaper for your computer screen We offer you the choice between 2 very useful monthly calendars illustrated with images from our collections.
Simply click on a link below to download an image. When open, right click on the image and select "Set as background". That's it!
Harvesting from amateur films (1940s)College from BTA (1960)