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Digital Vision Announces New Partnership with Zefa

1 July 2004

Digital Vision is proud to announce a new partnership with zefa, the highly respected stock photography agency. The Digital Vision collection of over 40,000 single images and 350 discs will be represented and marketed by zefa in its fully downloadable e-commerce Internet service.

"We are thrilled to cooperate with Digital Vision, one of the market leaders in high quality royalty free images. Our clients will strongly benefit from the addition of the Digital Vision collection to the images offered on our website", Tomas Speight, CEO of zefa visual media.

Digital Vision is delighted to be working with zefa, the largest European corporation in the professional stock photography market. The placing of Digital Vision products on the highly innovative zefa website, allows Digital Vision to reach and fulfil the needs of an even larger global audience. Digital Vision is dedicated to the future growth of its distribution network by continuing to develop and expand globally, in order to maintain the visibility of the Digital Vision brand. The company's vision is to bring premium creative products to the largest possible audience.

This partnership with zefa aims to provide a continuous flow of new and original creative content to creative people

"We believe that the combination of the world's leading quality, royalty free publisher and one of the world's largest stock photography agencies is an exciting partnership. We are excited about working together to supply the growing demand for high quality, royalty free content worldwide", Philip Roberts, Global Sales and Marketing Director, Digital Vision.

Digital Vision is a world-leading publisher of digital creative content. Their photography, illustrations, music and moving footage are used by designers, advertising agencies, publishers and corporate clients for a wide range of communication projects. Through a combination of innovative, quality-rich products, great service and instant access and download, their goal is to help creative people create more easily.

For more information about Digital Vision go to the website at zefa visual media group is the third largest stock photography agency network in the world. zefa is based in Dusseldorf, Germany and has 16 subsidiaries and agencies, respectively, with 30 network partners worldwide allowing the group to market its, images, catalogues and CD ROMs on a global basis.