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ABC Enterprises Gears Up for a Digital Future

1 July 2004

The commercial division of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, ABC Enterprises, announced today it has merged its ABC Content Sales activities with ABC Consumer Publishing, and that Grahame Grassby will head up the merged business. This is to take effect from 1 July 2004. 

As General Manager, Grahame Grassby will oversee the sales and marketing of programming and content to the Australian and international business to business marketplace, in addition to his current management of the worldwide Consumer Publishing business, which includes books, audio, music, magazines, licensing and events.

As part of this merged business a unit known as Visual and Recorded Content has been created to develop, acquire and produce content for multi-platform use globally, and heading up this unit is acting Manager, Janine Burdeu.

Tony Jaspers will head the merged Sales and Distribution unit and manage and drive revenue streams through ABC Enterprises' Australian distribution agreements; direct sales of consumer products within Australia and international sales for the Consumer Publishing business units; and oversee the global business to business distribution of programming and content.

In other staff changes Augustus Dulgaro has assumed responsibility for the sales units within ABC Content Sales - Program Sales Worldwide, Library Sales, Content Licensing and TV & Radio Non-theatric Sales. He will report to Tony Jaspers.

Rhys Kelly has been appointed as Head of Marketing for ABC Enterprises to develop, implement and manage divisional and business marketing strategies. Director of ABC Enterprises, Robyn Watts said, "With the increasing convergence in the production, distribution and usage patterns of content in the Music, TV, video, DVD, VOD, broadband, wireless and interactive digital platforms, the new merged business has been created to maximise revenues and better serve the needs of a changing global marketplace."

About ABC Enterprises: ABC Enterprises is the commercial division of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Australia's national broadcaster. Activities including consumer publishing, retailing, content sales and resource hire are managed through ABC Enterprises, headed by Director, Robyn Watts. Reporting to her are Grahame Grassby, General Manager ABC Consumer Publishing and Content Sales; Doug Walker, General Manager ABC Retail; and John Graham, General Manager ABC Resource Hire. All profits are returned to the ABC for the making of programs and content.

For further information please contact Rhys Kelly Australian Broadcasting Corporation tel +61 2 8333 3491 mbl +61 408 967 197 email