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5 New Wildlife Titles and 3 New Digital Motion Releases from Digital

1 July 2004

On 30th June 2004 Digital Vision launched 5 new animal footage titles into its Motion collection, adding to its impressive footage library of 95 titles. The new titles fulfil a need for moving imagery by offering original, quality, wildlife footage. Digital Vision is also taking this opportunity to present an additional 3 new digital titles.

Client feedback indicated a need and desire for high quality wildlife footage. Such content not only fulfils an editorial need, but is also perfect for portraying evocative concepts such as power, competitiveness and strengths, Philip Roberts, Global Sales and Marketing Director, Digital Vision.

This exclusive new footage was shot by the award winning Aquavision Television Productions, a South African based company specialising in terrestrial and marine wildlife documentaries. Founding members Peter and Stefani Lamberti have more than a decade of experience in natural history and have completed over 100 wildlife and environmental productions.

The emphasis is on unrivalled creative content, impressive quality and ultra-high production values. Adaptability and flexibility are key to these visually spectacular titles. Here is a collection of painstakingly created motion graphics that will provide any discerning motion designer or audio-visual producer with the stimulation to push the boundaries of their own compositions.

The title Sharks reveals the style and grace of one of natures most formidable predators. Get breathtakingly close to these sleek, stunning creatures and witness the true power and strength that has made them so iconic.

In contrast and perhaps a little friendlier, Seals and Dolphins captures the character and charm of these animals that symbolise freedom and escape and evoke universally positive, feel-good emotions.

And just when you thought it was safer to observe from the water's edge Crocodiles and Hippos demonstrates just how unpredictable and dramatic the behaviour of these famously cantankerous leviathans can be.

Lions and Leopards examines the confidence, power and sheer speed of these voracious big cats. Other highlights include Elephants and Rhinos, literally an earth shattering insight into the behaviour and habits of these dignified giants. The other new digital releases include Dynamix Graphix, a collection of stunningly rendered 3D graphic elements created by a broadcast designer for broadcast designers.

Searching for that difficult starting point for your design? Find a dynamic solution with Backdrops. Dazzling, loopable, background elements that will kick start any composition.

Finally, Light Elements is a collection of new high quality and painstakingly created motion graphics. This visually stunning title will not only add a touch of class to any production, but save time and money every time its used.

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