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BBC Motion Gallery Goes Live

24 June 2004

Worldwide today (24th June 2004) launched BBC Motion Gallery, which will provide direct access via the Internet to moving image clips from the BBC and CBS News archives for the first time.

BBC Motion Gallery incorporates and extends BBC Worldwide's existing £10 million footage sales business, developing new opportunities outside the traditional broadcast market and providing cost-effective, creative solutions to media professionals on a global basis.

As part of the launch BBC Motion Gallery has developed a website - - with a core collection of some 10,000 moving images from which media professionals around the world will be able to search and license clips for a wide variety of uses ranging from corporate videos, new media and advertising to TV and feature films.

The production values inherent in the BBC broadcast material will offer a genuine creative alternative to the stock footage on offer from the competition.

Providing an effective and efficient business tool, the new online platform will be the commercial gateway to the vast range of content held in two of the largest broadcast archives in the world - BBC and CBS News Archive. The content on the site will be constantly updated.

A sophisticated search engine and project management tools make it easy for users to access relevant content and collaborate with colleagues via the site. The first stage of the website development gives customers the opportunity, for the first time, to view moving images from the BBC archive. Additional functionality will be added to the site over time to provide further features.

Rupert Gavin, Chief Executive, BBC Worldwide, said "It's crucial that we maximise the value of the BBC archive and by using digital technology we will open up our business to its full potential. The overall global market in archive footage is estimated to be worth around £150m per annum and our new service will give us a bigger foothold in this very important market."

Simon Gibbs, Managing Director BBC Motion Gallery added, "The demand for motion imagery is forecast to grow substantially over the next decade as the expansion of broadband and third generation telephony opens up an increasing number of media outlets. As one of the worldÕs leading media companies, with its access to a vast archive and a substantial global reach, this is a natural market for BBC Worldwide to exploit.

"The extension of our footage licensing business into new markets offers an improved service, benefiting all those involved in the creation and usage of moving images worldwide. The BBC brand is the natural choice for quality footage and we anticipate gaining a greater market share with our distinctive offering."

The BBC archive, a living cultural treasure, houses some 500 million feet of film and 350,000 hours of video dating from 1934, with more than 200 hours of new content added every week. The extensive collection spans all genres from news, natural history, and wildlife, locations, science, technology, the performing arts and more. The archive offers an abundance of original programming such as Top of the Pops, The Office, Walking with Dinosaurs and The Blue Planet.

The archive also contains more than 700,000 hours of US and international film and video imagery from CBS News archive. Clients can select from footage covering almost every major historic event from the past 50 years, from the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the Vietnam War and Neil Armstrong's first lunar steps to the Challenger explosion and the events of 9/11.

In terms of quality, diversity and volume, BBC Motion Gallery represents a true alternative to existing archives and footage companies. The range of available imagery, shot originally for TV programming, has a look, feel and sense of realism not typical of most stock material. Moreover, many of the shots are sold in sequences, enabling users to create a complete story arc from existing content.

BBC Motion Gallery originated as BBC Library Sales, a division of BBC Worldwide, in London in 1961. The division opened in New York in 1993 and in Toronto and Los Angeles a year later. More recently the operation has expanded to offices in Tokyo and Sydney.

Content licensed by BBC Motion Gallery has circled the planet in a myriad of award winning documentaries, television programming and commercials.

BBC Motion Gallery is the exclusive, global representative of CBS News Archive material.

For more information;

Mary Collins, Tel +44 208 433 2412