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Middle East - Exclusive Interviews with Hamas, PLO, Israeli and US Leaders

1 June 2004

FootageFinders offers in-depth interviews with Ismael Abu Shanab, Abdelaziz Rantisi, Mohammed Dahlan, Sheik Ahmed Yassin, Saeb Erakat, Ehud Barak, Bibi Netanyahu, Shimon Peres, Dore Gold and Dennis Ross.

Ismael Abu Shanab, just days before his death, speaks about the breakdown of the ceasefire, his refusal to follow the Palestinian Authority leadership, and his proposal for solving the conflict. He said "We will never surrender. We will pay the price for freedom. Our people will continue the struggle whether we lose one leader or 100 leaders."

Dr. Abdelaziz Rantisi calls on Arab and Islamic "armies" to join the conflict. "The Palestinian issue is not a Palestinian one only. It is an Arabic one and an Islamic one. We have to continue our resistance until the Islamic Army liberates the Islamic land from the Zionists who came to occupy it."

Mohammed Dahlan, Palestinian Security Chief, explains how he can stop the attacks of groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad "without any help from the Israelis".

Saeb Erakat, Cabinet Minister Palestinian Authority offers his insights of President Bush.

Ambassador Dore Gold of Israel, Foreign Policy Advisor to the former Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, discusses the Middle East from pre and post September 11th perspectives.

Dennis Ross, Director of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, and American negotiator in the Middle East through Bush and then Clinton administrations, offers insight on the peace process and the evolving leadership situation.

All interviews were conducted in English except for Sheikh Ahmed Yassin which is only available in Arabic.

Transcripts are available.

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