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New Movietone Nostalgia Website

19 May 2004

British Movietonews the London based newsreel archive and television documentary production company has launched a new free website for the general public. The site features 312 one-minute portraits of famous people to include show business personalities as well as many politicians, artists and scientists. There are also portraits of places and lifestyles that were captured for posterity on 35mm black and white film.

The individual stories are easily accessed from a user friendly website The site works with either Windows Media Player or Quicktime. The viewer has a choice of either broadband or 56K modem.

The collection was originally produced for the international television market utilising the worldwide newsreel assets of British Movietonews. The company has been in business since 1929 and is the only newsreel company still operating today under its original ownership.

The project was originally inspired by books of classic black and white photographs that captured an era and a way of life.

It was decided to produce a series of television features that would offer the viewer the opportunity to appreciate the cultural and political heritage of the 20th Century.

For middle-aged people the series offers a wonderful opportunity to reminisce over a great part of their own lives. For younger people it offers the opportunity to get a better understanding of the people and events that played an important role in their parent's lives.

Each story is backed by original music; the editing of the stories is leisurely and designed to let the viewer savour the images. Aside from an initial title identifying the story there are no sub-titles or narration to distract from the on screen cinematic images.

As the images were produced from the original 35mm films the quality is quite consistent throughout.

British Movietonews was the first sound newsreel produced in Britain and was in 1979 the final newsreel to cease production. Today its documentary television productions are shown throughout the world in such diverse markets as Japan, China, Korea and Vietnam as well as in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Hungary, Canada and the United States.

A high resolution image to accompany this release is available to the media free of charge at (+44-207-608-1000)


British Movietonenews Limited

Barry S. Florin, Managing Director, British Movietonews Limited,

Four of the 312 one-minute portraits to be found at a free nostalgia website offering cinematographic portraits of many of the 20th Century's most famous personalities. To see more releases from British Movietonenews Limited.

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