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Index Stock Shots Upgrades Website with Jetliners Motion Gallery

3 May 2004

Index Stock Shots, a renowned supplier of quality 35mm film footage to the movie, creative and programme making sectors, has upgraded its web site to showcase one of its specialty holdings, its collection of film of commercial aircraft.

The on-line gallery displays a selection of widescreen clips digitised in Quicktime and divided into three sectors - air-to-air, landings and take-offs. At the click of a button on a still frame, the footage comes to life, although dial-up visitors may have to wait a few moments while the material downloads.

Index Chairman Gerry Weinbren says: "We have possibly the best selection of commercial aircraft film anywhere in the stock footage world. Our material was shot specifically to cater for the demands of the discerning users in advertising, feature films, TV and the corporate sectors"

Featured aircraft include 747s, 757s, L-1011s, Airbuses and 737s. Much of Index's film was shot in the "magic hour", the period of twilight which follows sunset and enriches the colour and romance of the image of air travel. Some air-to-air shots show close-ups of aircraft contrails, while others home in on the moment rubber burns as aircraft touch down on landing.

Many of the aircraft are shot in such a way that airline liveries are out of sight, giving producers full editorial freedom as they use the material.

The Index commercial aircraft material was shot on 35mm film, and is held for access on digital tape. A good deal has been transferred to High Definition format to meet North American standards and master tapes are held in London and Los Angeles. Film copies are regularly printed for client licensees working on movies and television and cinema commercials.

Index Managing Director Philip Hinds: "The on-line gallery allows us to display a good cross section of our material, but we have so much more. We plan to extend the gallery over the next few weeks to show some of our many shots of liveried aircraft, and and activity on the tarmac at major international airports."

Index is one of the one of the few independently owned dedicated 35mm film collections in to-day's stock footage industry. Its stunning footage depicts a whole range of subjects and world locations from the streets of New York in a blizzard, to the mirrored image of the Taj Mahal; from stormy seas with waves crashing over lighthouses, to the skylines of cities like Atlanta, Singapore, Venice, Paris and London.

Index's four-minute widescreen show reel is newly available at its web site in two sizes, 480 pixels x 290 pixels for broadband visitors, and embedded in the Home Page at 320 x 194 for dial-ups.

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