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Newsletter - ZDF Archive

1 April 2004

Dear friends and business partners,

Many thanks for the stunning response to our last eNews! The new edition is intended to inform you of selected highlights and invite you to get further updates at

News - NKorea Ryongchon - Exclusive footage of train station and city BEFORE disaster

ZDF.archive has exclusive rights to unique, recent footage of the North Korean town of Ryongchon and its train station, where two explosives-laden trains collided on Thursday (April 22nd, 2004) destroying or damaging thousands of buildings and killing several hundred people, according to latest reports.

These scenes were filmed in December 2003 by a group of German rail enthusiasts who visited the region travelling by rail. Ryongchon is the site of chemical and metalworking plants, and has a reported population of 130,000.

The pictures of ZDF.archive show passengers desperately trying to board a train, being fought back by what appears to be a train conductor. Later on, two girls are seen hanging on to a closed carriage door, as the train starts moving.

As a result of the train blast, the secretive North Korean government cut international phone lines to prevent news of the collision from leaking across its borders, according to the South Korean news agency, Yonhap. Thursday's accident is only going to make the situation worse, with a key transport link to the outside world in tatters - and a main supply route in ruins.

Please request the full script at:
Of course the screening material is available as a clean version.

Report - America's stars - Exclusive access to celebrity stories

Gottschalk knows them all! Germanys most popular Entertainer presents his inside view of America.

Whether he visits Roland Emmerichs beautiful estate, interviews Lenny Kravitz off stage at his concert, meets Hugh Hefner and talks about his Playboy imperium, discusses with worldwide renowned architect Daniel Libeskind about his aspirations or talks with Michael Eisner of Disney, Thomas Gottschalk knows and meets Americas celebrities at exceptional places and in private conversation.

In addition to the extraordinary interviews, which are also available with m/e tracks and exclusive background material, Thomas Gottschalk has the opportunity to look behind the scenes of very special and interesting places in America as for example the Worlds largest prison for women, the magnificent Waldorf Astoria or to join a game of poker in dazzling Las Vegas...

For a complete list of all interviews with the celebrities as well as the reports of thrilling locations in America please contact:

Review - ZDF.archive provides footage for "Team X-treme"

Techno Hymn already at No 9 in German Dancefloor Charts. Today this years techno hymn of the MAYDAY movement, "Team X-treme" by Members of Mayday, has made its way to number nine in the German dancefloor charts.

The accompanying video clip was produced using footage from ZDF productions, thus illustrating in dramatic fashion the wide variety of possible applications for ZDF extracts. The use of ZDF footage material in the MAYDAY video shows that our archive material addresses not only the traditional purchasers of TV program extracts but as well international clients from the music and entertainment industry who increasingly come to appreciate the quality and benefits of our broad range of footage.

Anyone interested in the MAYDAY video can take a look at it:
QuickTime Movie
RealMedia Stream

Access the press release at: - marketnews

Let our archives inspire your future productions.

Kind regards

ZDF.archive team


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