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Digital Vision's Unique Approach to Single Imagery

11 February 2004

Pioneering an exciting, unique approach to single imagery

From 09/02/04 Digital Vision gives you even more choice with an exciting new single image publishing programme. Digital Vision has committed to producing a quarterly publication dedicated solely to their ever changing and expanding single image collection. The Choice catalogues will showcase the very latest of what Digital Vision has to offer online.

'We are very proud of Choice. It is a great example of Digital Vision responding to customer desires to have more inspiration and flexibility in what they buy and what they do. We have a large publishing programme this year and responding to the market demand for single images is at the very heart of what we are doing; this is just the start.'

Philip Roberts, Global Sales and Marketing Director, Digital Vision

Digital Vision now has a team of experienced industry professional dedicated just to producing the single image collection. Subjects included are business concepts, lifestyle, nature, industry and travel. Most of the images are from photographers' projects rather than heavily art directed set pieces or commissioned shoots. With thousands of unique, subject driven images, this single image collection has all the vitality and energy you need to give your next project that creative edge.

Created by designers for designers, the new Choice catalogues will act as reference guides, offering vision and creative inspiration throughout. Each new catalogue will be created by an industry renowned designer, to ensure that the format is as different, as fresh and as interesting as the content itself.

The first of the series will be a mini retrospective collection, a celebration of the company's commercial successes and a unique demonstration of the diversity and the depth of their imagery. The catalogue emphasis is on 'real', usable imagery and provides a sampling of 250 of the entire 40,000 strong single image collection.

Rod Steele has designed this first Choice publication, using his post-production and Photoshop mastery to bring the project to life. Rod has acted as Art Director for many Digital Vision products including the latest Let's do Business title, Transmission Central and his experience includes working for renowned clients such as EMI Music, Future Publishing, Digital Vision and Paul Schultz Advertising.

The new catalogues can be used in conjunction with the new website at where the new images are uploaded on a daily basis. This means you have the freshest, most up to date imagery at your fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So you can be sure that the next time you're looking for a single image, you can rest assured that you're getting the most current creative content around when you choose Digital Vision.


Kieran Mahon:
Tel: 020 7378 5685. Digital Vision Ltd, India House, 45 Curlew Street, London, SE1 2ND.