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Michael Jackson Video - APTN Library Exclusive

22 January 2004

APTN Library has secured rights to exclusive footage of Michael Jackson together with Jordan Chandler, the boy at the centre of sexual abuse allegations in 1993.

The video shows Chandler and Jackson playing arcade games and watching a show in the public areas of a Las Vegas hotel. It was taken shortly before the allegations were made by the parents of the then 13-year-old boy.

This footage has had only extremely limited release in the US, but is now available for licensing or short-term exclusive deals from APTN Library.

The case was settled out of court but Jackson's current legal troubles have sparked interest in the previous allegations and Jackson's own behaviour.

APTN also has a comprehensive clipreel of Jackson. It includes: highlights of his musical career, awards and public appearances back to the late 80s; many shots of Jackson with children in different countries and locations, visiting hospitals and at his ranch; Jackson with Lisa-Marie Presley and celebrities including Elizabeth Taylor, Nelson Mandela, Uri Geller, Kim Daejung and Marcel Marceau; the breach of contract court case in 2002 and his recent arrest and various statements.

And as part of APTN, the world's leading video news agency, the Library is adding fresh video as the current trial and story unfolds. His court appearance and public display last week are already in the archive.

The Jordan Chandler footage is available for news and programme use, and exclusive offers will be considered.

For footage details please contact APTN Library at, or by phone in London on +44 20 7482 7482 or in Washington on +1 202 736 9590.

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