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Digital Vision Launches New Website and 'Let's Do Business' Compilation

22 January 2004

It's time to delve into the real world of business at Digital Vision, with the launch of its second business collection on 22 January 2004. Let's do Business is comprised of over 2000 images across 22 DVDs. The collection works hard to embrace a breadth of styles, scenarios and technical expertise which will energise any business promotion. Demonstrating Digital Vision's ongoing commitment to innovation, Let's do Business includes an exciting industry first with a DVD title combining both digital art and photographic layers for optimum flexibility and creativity.

Let's do Business was shot by well-established photographers in locations as diverse as London's council offices and a helipad in New York - and in countries as disparate as Argentina, South Africa and Germany. The collection encompasses everything from everyday office life and high level presentations to how workers combat stress. There's glamour and Euro chic, as well as team building and the dirty work.

Let's do Business offers images of everyone in the workplace from the high-flying company director to the enterprising one-man band. The collection will prove invaluable for design projects across a number of business sectors including conferences, exhibitions, media, human resources, insurance, security, marketing and many more.

A title which is certain to capture the imagination is Transmission Central - a digital art and photographic collaboration between Enamul Hoque and Rod Steele which is presented in Adobe Photoshop¨ layers. The first ever business title to use such a technique, Transmission Central offers designers endless opportunities to customise both the digital effects and the model shots, ensuring a high-impact twist to any project.

The photographer David Ellis gets right down to business in his gritty title, Everyday Office. Using only real people in their actual work environments, the title offers a raw reportage of business life around the world. A different angle altogether is presented in Zen and the Art of Business, by Rob Melnychuk, as he challenges convention with an investigation into the use of Feng Shui and Tai Chi to promote well-being in the workplace.

Recognising that the success of a company is built on its people, Meet the Team focuses not just on the high profile CEO but on the way all staff work together to drive a business forward. In contrast, Entrepreneurs is a title that breaks new territory to capture powerful young men and women at the forefront of dynamic businesses today.

Each of the 22 DVD titles contains 50-100 high quality images and costs £649. Individual images can be purchased for £69-£299 and highlights from the collection can be seen in the Let's do Business catalogue.

All Let's do Business images can also be viewed on the new Digital Vision web site and every purchase made on the site will add to a customer's VISION POINTSSM total under the new loyalty reward scheme.



That's all it takes - just four clicks to search, save, purchase and download any royalty free product from Digital Vision's new web site at The web site will be launched on 19 January 2004 and has been designed in direct response to feedback from the company's customers. now offers a number of forward-thinking features for hassle-free purchase and asset management, giving customers more time to spend on the creative side of their business.

From the outset, the new Digital Vision web site demonstrates its true strength. Its highly intuitive navigation system, together with a fast search facility that includes additional refining filters, ensures that customers will receive only relevant and targeted search results. Significantly, the buying process itself has been fully upgraded with prices, specifications and special offers presented clearly before any order is placed to give customers complete confidence in the value and suitability of their purchase.

Following specific customer requests, the project management facility has also been completely transformed to improve efficiency and speed. Users now have the option to keep information in easily accessible online folders and to add multiple elements to these project folders in one go.

In addition to the new facilities presented by, customers can be reassured that their favourite Digital Vision web site features will continue to be offered. These include free searches, free CD burns, no time limit on re-downloading any item and immediate downloads following any purchase. That means immediate downloads wherever and whenever you want, whether you have purchased a single image or a CD collection. In short, the web site combines the best of the old with the sharp-end of the new to provide the last word in royalty free shopping.

All of Digital Vision's royalty free images, music, motion clips and illustrations are available on the web site, with case studies showing how Motion and Music can be used to enhance virtually any project. (Every purchase made on the web site will also add to a customer's VISION POINTSSM total under Digital Vision's new loyalty reward scheme). To improve the security of the service, users will now have to log-in in order to access their personal account.

For more information on Digital Vision's products or to request a complimentary product catalogue, email, register online at, call Digital Vision on 020 7378 5555 or contact your local distributor.


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