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Tribute to Waleed B. Ali, Pioneer of Home Video Business

14 January 2004

Waleed B. Ali, CEO of the MPI Media Group, a pioneer in the home video business, passed away on October 19, 2003.

In 1976, Mr. Ali and his brother Malik, established MPI. Mr. Ali was credited with many achievements in home video, including instant video publishing. Under his leadership, MPI was the first company to produce and release non-fiction programming. Mr. Ali was instrumental in securing the rights to a variety of timeless classics, such as The Beatles' films A Hard Day's Night and Help!; the cult soap opera, Dark Shadows; the epic miniseries War and Remembrance; the John Wayne Westerns McLintock! and Hondo; and, The Honeymooners television series.

Mr. Ali will be missed by his family, friends and business associates.

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