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Gaumont-Pathe Archives Become One in St Ouen, Paris

1 January 2004

Dear Friends,

Everyone at the Cinematheque Gaumont joins me in wishing you a happy new year 2004. Pursuant to the merger of the Gaumont and Pathe Cinematheques and the creation of the new entity GAUMONT-PATHE ARCHIVES, the Gaumont Cinematheque will join their Pathe colleagues in Saint-Ouen on Monday, January 12, 2004.

As of this date, please find below our new telephone numbers and e-mail addresses:

Martine OFFROY

Manuela PADOAN







Fax : Ê

Websites : or (you will be able to go from one website to the other until both databases are regrouped).

For technical reasons and because of moving logistics, the Cinematheque Gaumont will be closed on Friday January 9, 2004. Our website will also be unavailable that day. Thank you for your understanding.

We are looking forward, with great pleasure, to welcoming you in our new home and to do our best to answer all of your questions and to help you in all of your endeavors. See you soon,


Manuela PADOAN


November the 13rd

Creation of Gaumont-Pathe Archives

Gaumont and Pathe, France's two movie industry pioneers, announced today that they plan to combine their movie and television archives in a new company to be called Gaumont-Pathe Archives.

In joining forces, Gaumont and Pathe reaffirm their commitment to promoting and preserving this universal heritage, which offers a unique view into the history of the 20th century. The link-up should strengthen the move to restore and showcase the images and, in doing so, enhance the service offered to archive users, from journalists, directors and producers to document and other researchers, both in and outside France. Users will be able to quickly and reliably access a unified database, as well as good technical quality media.

The new company, to be chaired by Mrs Martine Offroy, will be 57.5%-owned by Gaumont and 42.5% by Pathe. The archive baseÕs nearly 12,000 hours of footage include Pathe, Gaumont and Eclair newsreels from 1908 to 1979, Sygma archives and the recently acquired Soviet archives from the Arkeion catalog, and numerous documentaries. The new company will be responsible for promoting these images of great interest and historical value both in France and in the international marketplace.

On behalf of its two shareholders, Gaumont-Pathe Archives will also conserve and showcase silent movies from the two catalogs, representing some 2,000 titles. These include films by the founding fathers of French cinema, from Leonce Perret and Albert Capellani to Ferdinand Zecca and Louis Feuillade.

The project, which should be finalized by the end of the year, is currently being presented to employee representatives at Gaumont and Pathe. It will be submitted to the merger auditors for their opinion.

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