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National Geographic Licensing Agreements with WPA + National Geographic Channels International

1 October 2003


National Geographic Film Library has signed with National Geographic Channels International and the WPA Film Library to represent their archived footage abroad, it was announced today by Matthew White, vice president, Film Library for National Geographic Television & Film (NGT&F).

Under terms of the agreement, the Film Library will act as National Geographic Channels International (NGCI)'s exclusive agent for selling footage to third parties worldwide. The deal will include new and existing footage from NGCI programming, totaling more than 150 hours. In addition to licensing, National Geographic Film Library will also digitize NGCI footage, to fold into its digital archives. NGCI footage covers a variety of subjects including science and archaeology; adventure and exploration; peoples and cultures; and nature and wildlife, with a special focus on the international market.

The Film Library has also signed an agreement with Chicago-based WPA Film Library to represent more than several thousand hours of its archives in the U.K. Material includes a diverse library ranging from archived newsreel footage to musical performances to political and public affairs-oriented footage from WETA-TV, as well as contemporary and archived footage of entertainment, culture, sports and travel.

"We're excited to add NGCI and WPA to our existing archives and substantially expand the breadth and diversity of footage available to our customers," said White.

"As we roll out our new film library offerings to our customers, we hope to expand the reach of WPA and NGCI's archives by introducing them to the international marketplace and expanding their client base."

Footage will be marketed to advertisers, broadcast producers, researchers, and curators for use in educational and research projects, television and film productions and museum exhibits. Sales will be based out of the Film Library's London and Washington, DC offices. To license NGCI and WPA footage, clients can contact National Geographic at +44 207-581-7175. Clients can also contact the Film Library in the U.S. at 877-730-2022. The Film Library is a wholly owned subsidiary of NGT&F.

In early 2004, National Geographic will make footage available to producers, curators and educators in various formats for entertainment and educational purposes online at

National Geographic's Film Library functions as an archive and repository for all NGT&F-produced film and videotape material. The Library catalogues and sells stock footage from NGT&F's Specials, EXPLORER series, educational films, and other NGCI and NGT&F productions. Headquartered in Washington, DC, the Film Library supplies material to a satellite office in London and representatives across the globe. Its fully catalogued database, available online at, allows clients to search footage based on subject, location or production criteria.

About National Geographic Television & Film

Building on its global reputation for remarkable visuals and compelling stories, National Geographic Television & Film augments its award-winning documentary productions (122 Emmy Awards and more than 800 other industry awards) with feature films, large-format films and long-form television drama programming. Worldwide, National Geographic's television programming can be seen on the National Geographic Channel, MSNBC, and PBS, home video and DVD, and through international broadcast syndication. The National Geographic Channel is received by more than 200 million households in 25 languages in 146 countries, including the United States. For more information about National Geographic Television & Film, log on to, AOL Keyword: NatGeo.

About NGCI

Building on the 40-year legacy of NGT&F, which has won over 800 top television industry awards, National Geographic Channels International (NGCI) brings the vast resources, unsurpassed quality and real heroes of National Geographic to over 160 million homes (including day-part households) in 145 countries and in 26 languages around the world. NGCI is a business enterprise owned by NGT&F, FOX Entertainment Group and the National Broadcasting Company (NBC). NGCI contributes to the National Geographic Society's commitment to exploration, conservation and education.

About WPA

Since its inception in 1987, the WPA Film Library has grown into one of the world's leading footage sources, offering tens of thousands of hours of high quality, vintage and contemporary images. WPA distributes the renowned British Pathe Newsreel Collection in North America and Japan, and has exclusive rights to the archives of public broadcaster WETA, covering Congressional and Senate Hearings on Waco, Watergate, Whitewater and beyond. Other highlights include groundbreaking music television shows like Hullabaloo, Music Scene or Soul!, nostalgic Americana lifestyle images, vintage training films, campy home movies and classic commercials. Particularly popular among WPA's contemporary collections is the stunning 70 mm film Baraka. WPA is a wholly owned subsidiary of the MPI Media Group, one of the oldest independent home video labels in the United States and the producer of hundreds of documentaries.

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