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Quirky Clips Initiative + ITN to Allow Access to UK Colleges and Universities

1 October 2003

Following on from British Pathe's contract with the RBC to allow access to High Resolution Pathe content in English schools British Pathe are delighted to announce that ITN have just agreed a similar deal with the Higher Education Funding Council (HEFC) to allow access to UK Colleges and Universities.

Both facilities should be up and running by the beginning of 2004, heralding a new era for British Pathe whose content, already available to the world as photos and video in preview form, will now be available at High Resolution to virtually all educational establishments in the United Kingdom.

Over the next few years 3000 hours of new content will be digitised from the ITN Archive using funding from the same body and, as "Newsfilm Online", will be combined with the British Pathe content to create a staggering resource for Colleges and Universities of some 6500 hours of news.

Most of this new content will also be made available to the world via the ITN Archive web site. Both these initiatives will include access to the 12 million images that were launched recently on the Pathe site, a popular addition to the resource that generated over 300,000 visitors in the first 3 days.

Quirky Clips

ITN Archive is also starting a weekly update of "quirky" items in the archive, which are often difficult to research. To subscribe just click

For more information:

Peter Fydler ITN (for and on behalf of British Pathe Limited)