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Medical Breakthrough for OSF

1 October 2003

OSF footage library has announced the launch of a Science and Medicine collection. Traditionally known for strong natural history and special effects footage, OSF has already expanded its range to include areas such as world locations, lifestyle and extreme weather and now aims to become a leading resource for science, technology and medical footage.

OSF has always offered a selection of science footage but, as Jane Mulleneux, Head of Collection at OSF, commented 'We've watched the demand for science and medical footage growing ever stronger over the past couple of years and decided it was time to increase our collection to satisfy an even broader range of requests. We can now offer a far wider collection, including cells dividing, blood pumping through vessels, thermographic footage, CAT scans, HIV animations, DNA animations, forensic science, hospital scenes, laboratories, scientists at work, dust mites, sperm, parasites, human foetus, circuit boards and so on. At the same time, our Photo library are increasing their collection of science-related stills, thereby making OSF a one-stop shop for such images'.

Two short demos featuring OSF's Science and Medicine footage can be viewed at

Further Information

OSF Film Library is one of the world's premier specialist stock footage collections, offering strong images of wildlife, science and medicine, special effects, world locations, sport and lifestyle. The OSF collection stands for quality, much of it having been originated on 35mm or super 16mm film and featuring material from award winning cameramen such as Steve Downer, Hugh Miles, Simon King and Doug Allan as well as from more than 80 represented collections. Showreels can be viewed in the Footage Gallery at OSF is a wholly owned subsidiary of Southern Star.

Southern Star is an integrated film and television production and distribution group. Divisions of the Company are involved in film, television and video production; sales and distribution and licensing and merchandising. Southern Star is a publicly-listed Company on the Australian Stock Exchange. Website:

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Jane Mulleneux Tel: (0)1993 881881