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Exclusive Plane Footage for APTN Library

1 September 2003

APTN Library has become the sole worldwide agent for the footage of the first plane striking the World Trade Center on September 11 2001.

The image was shot by brothers Jules and Gedeon Naudet, while making a documentary on New York firefighters. It captures the amazement and horror of the moment when the worst terrorist attack in history began to unfold.

Their subsequent documentary on the tragedy won international acclaim, including an Emmy award.

The Naudet's footage joins a long list of historic material available exclusively through APTN Library, including the assassination of President Kennedy, the Concorde crash and an interview with Saddam Hussein.

"Even two years later this is an amazing piece of footage to watch," said Christopher O'Hearn, Head of Content Development at APTN. "It's just one moment but it conveys so much - something the Associated Press has understood for 150 years."

APTN also has extensive coverage of 9/11 and the events that followed, including two amateur views of the later plane strikes, worldwide reaction, the war in Afghanistan and unrivalled coverage of the Iraq war.

Jules and Gedeon Naudet have forged even closer links with the New York firefighters since the tragedy, and continue to support them by donating royalties to the Uniformed Firefighters Association (


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