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Classic Central Office of Information Films Newly Available Through Film Images

1 September 2003

We are very pleased to announce that due to a collaboration with the British Film Institute we have obtained five classic documentaries that have previously been unavailable for commercial use.

Children of the Ruins is a harrowing insight into the work of UNESCO as they help children of war-torn countries to obtain food and education. Ferry Pilot is a dramatised account of the work of the Air Transport Auxiliary unit during the Second World War that includes great footage of women pilots and shots of air battles.

Close Quarters provides an evocative impression of the work of a wartime submarine patrol in the North Sea. Men of Africa is a 1939 film detailing British colonial administration in East Africa. Last but not least is Help Yourself, a great 1950s film showing how a burglar called Joe profits from the fact that many people are less than careful about home security.

Lovely footage of Joe finding keys under doormats, forcing windows that haven't been locked and stealing presents from under the Christmas tree after trusting souls leave their back doors unlocked. You have been warned!

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