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Corbis Motion Offers Footage Research for Zip...Zilch...Zero

1 September 2003

Corbis Motion, the stock footage division of Corbis (the image licensing company owned by Bill Gates) is now offering “Free Research.” Under the new program all customer research requests are free – everyday. “Free Research,” marks a new way of doing business for the stock footage industry, where normally there’s a charge for footage research and delivery. Corbis Motion is the first stock footage business to offer free research on every job as a way of doing business daily, not as a one-time promotion, providing customers with a new level of customer service and support never before seen in this industry.

The world of stock footage just changed forever.

From now on, footage research from Corbis Motion is free. Every day. On every job.

Check it out for yourself. We'll send you customer research in hours, not days. And we won't send a bill.